About Us

In 2004 the owners of the historical movie theatre (West Theatre) was given to a group of citizens in George West.  It was decided that the theatre could be renovated and made into a performing arts theatre.  Thus the Dobie West Performing Arts Theatre in George West was established. After years of grant applications, raffles, dinners, the Dobie West Performing Arts Theatre was a reality.

Dobie West Performing Arts Theatre is operated solely for the purpose of performing the art, craft, and history of the performing arts, providing a venue whereby children and adults will have the opportunity to perform literature through plays, storytelling, music and dance; assisting local performance in developing their skills; educating the community concerning the value of  performing arts in the contemporary life; and serving the community through educational and cultural experiences.

Each month the Dobie West Performing Arts Theatre presents some type of program.  Most programs feature outside performers: musical concerts, comedians, or dance.  At least one program each year is a play with actors who come from George West and surrounding towns.

Because the theatre board wished to make the performers available to everyone they have chosen to make all tickets $10.  Because the theatre is a 501(c)(3) entity, donations are encouraged.